• Production budget is currently $.5 Million for full film through completion. Advertising and promotion budget is not included. (Preferred actors may be extra.*)

• Comparable films in this budget range average $10 to 15 M in domestic sales.

• These profit margins will be fully recouped within 30 months from the inception of pre- production.

• Break-even will occur after 20 months.

• Pilot investment of $1,000,000 entitles investor to 50% of the production and 50% of the sale price if sold into distribution before completion.

• Right to sell: Rights to be relinquished for a 20% premium on investment within 12 months of sale.

• Film “highlights the impossible struggle of a loving wife to convince everyone, including her husband who is set to be executed, that he is innocent”.

• Research will educate using extensive materials from many sources and historical records to assure accuracy and interest in the unique locations shot beautifully and scored with lovely music.

Financial Structure Guidelines
• Private equity investors are in first position recoupment from all media worldwide (after P&A costs and customary distribution fees, and behind debt financing/bank, if any).

• Private equity investors recoup principle plus a one time interest of 20% (so 120% ROI).
• The recoupment is pari-passu.

After recoupment of principle and interest, profit participation is split 50% to the investors, 50% to the producers (this includes the back end for talent pool).

Ability to package and sell program is the Producer’s right AFTER the investor’s investment and 20% are returned, split is 50-50 between investor and producer.

Producer retains the right to sell this film at any time, this is defined and explained in a separate deal memo.

Dilution is only available when Investor agrees to additional monies being added.

Tax Credits from NY, VA, MA, TN or other State that gives CASH back, those monies will be the first return to investors.