Verde Group Films is actively seeking investors to finance the production budget at the  $500,000   level *for ’Ten24’ IN VERMONT. This deck includes information about the nature of the project, executive team, talent, projected profit returns and cash flows, distribution schedule, and a high-level budget breakdown. If interested, please contact us using the information below. This is a high risk investment and not for faint at heart.

Producer and Director Denis O’Brien along with Alejandro Rivera (DP), recently completed a Pilot, ZODIAC, featuring Corbin Bernson, Alison Dean & Langston Fishburne.


Denis O’Brien
Verde Group Films  P.O. Box 3192
Burlington VT 04308

Rachel Levine – 646-709-6353

*Tax Incentives, Deferred Payments, bigger stars and other future add-ons or concessions can reduce or increase the budget.